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Have you dreamed of an outdoor space?

Built from structural metal this timeless gazebo will you give you many years of maintenance-free enjoyment. This would be ideal for a hot tub, or fire pit with some benches, or a nice covered picnic area.

This structural steel powder coated gazebo is built with longevity in mind.

Perfect for backyards, open space, schools, campgrounds, institutes of higher learning, hospitals, hotels, national parks, state parks, city parks, city landmark buildings, businesses, etc.

The unique aspect of these gazebos is the custom top cap. A few examples of different. There is one in a public space with a rotary wheel on it for the rotary club. We have designed them in the backyards of houses with a weathervane and mountain scene. Our business proudly displays the FX on top of ours. Not one of the gazebos I mentioned had the same color combo, so they are all customized and different.

Look for new and exciting accessories to be coming to these Gazebos in the fall of 2018. Metal privacy screening, metal trellis systems, and even metal garden boxes are going to be add-on options to these kits.

Project Details


  • Posts: 3” x 3” x .120 structural steel.
  • Headers: 2” x 3” x .120 structural steel.
  • Roof Truss: 2” x 3” x .120 structural steel.
  • Roof Purlins: 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” .065 steel.
  • Roof Panels: 29 Gauge Aluminum-Zinc Alloy.
  • Finish: Sandblasted & Powder Coated to Powder Coating Institute standards.


Shipping Information

1 Crate: 30” x 30” x 120”
550 pounds
Kit can be broken down and unpacked from a truck, if no forklift is available to unload.


Wipe off dust and dirt with a wet cloth as needed. Do not use any abrasive or harsh cleaning agents to clean the powder-coated surface as this will cause the finish to dull.



It is recommended that this kit is installed by a licensed General Contractor. Installation instructions are included with each gazebo kit. Installation is also available to be arranged with the purchase of a new gazebo kit.


Starting at $5028

Endless color options

Custom color & matching is available for an additional cost


Bright White, White, Ivory, Light Stone, Tan, Cocoa Brown, Dark Brown, Antique Bronze, Caribbean Blue, Gallery Blue, Bright Copper Penny, Brick Red, Brite Red, Classic Burgundy, Hickory Moss, Patina Green, Evergreen, Hartford Green, Light Gray, Charcoal Grey, True Black.
Colors samples available on request.



Powder Coating

Shiny Graphite, Desert Tan, Light Almond, Smooth Black, Earth Grey, Subtle White, Very Green, Bright Blue and Really Red. In our hammered finishes we have Vanilla Ice Cream, Bumpy Black, Copper City and White/Black Speckle.
Colors samples available on request.

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