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Media Blasting



One of the fastest, most effective ways of preparing parts for powder coating.

We specifically call our service media blasting as opposed to sandblasting because we do not use sand to blast parts. We use a high-density steel media that is designed specifically for the powder coat pretreatment process. Our 10’ x 12’ x 25’ blast booth is fully contained and utilizes a state of the art reclaim system. This system captures the media, cleans it, and puts it back into the blasting pressure pot. Because we blast with clean media, parts do not get embedded with dirt or grease and allows for the highest quality of finish that the industry can offer.

It’s also crucial that after any part gets blasted that it isn’t handled too much. Our parts go directly from the blast booth to the cleaning booth. That ensures that the parts do not get contaminated between blasting and coating, and helps deliver the best finish possible.

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