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Powder Coating



Powder Coating is how Creative Metal FX made its introduction into the metal world, and will always be a central focus of our business.

Creative Metal FX utilizes two different methods to pretreat parts based on customer preference. For the most corrosion resistant coating available we recommend all parts be media blasted. If media blasting is not required prior to coating we utilize a 5 stage chemical pretreatment process. We coat all parts to standards certified by the Powder Coating Institute, the nation’s leading authority on powder coating.

We have a large variety of stock colors available and can have any custom color delivered within 2 days in most cases. We feature an 8’ x 8’ x 20’ energy efficient natural gas oven. We coat a wide range of articles from grocery store shelving, to high-end wheels that are featured in car shows and magazines.

Our capabilities give us the ability to coat large parts like truck frames or parts so small they can fit into your hand. Because we care about the environment and the community we live in, we are 100% compliant with waste water treatment. All our runoff water is collected on site and disposed of in accordance with state and federal guidelines.


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